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About Us

Our Focus


Founded in 1996, the Frederiksted Economic Development Association, Inc (FEDA)  incorporated with the mission being the enhancement and support of the economic, historic, cultural and tourism product of the town of Frederiksted, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. As a duly sanctioned 501(c)3 non-profit organization, FEDA has been the founder and developer of numerous lobbying efforts,  community events and initiatives focused on creating economic stimulus for Frederiksted, with Sunset Jazz in Frederiksted being only one of our premier products. 

Get Involved with FEDA!


Are you passionate about what we're doing? Let us know how you would like to participate in our non profit organizations! We are always looking for volunteers to help us make the vision of our community organization a reality. We'll help you find a way to volunteer that best suits you, be your passion lobbying on behalf of our Town, fund-raising, events production, marketing, tourism or membership drives. 

We're excited to have you join the team!


Sunset Jazz


  Founded in December 2000, Sunset Jazz continues to hold the status of the longest running free community concert series in the US Virgin Islands.

Over the period of the past 18 years Sunset Jazz has presented countless local and international jazz musicians to St. Croix. Sunset Jazz has been host to crowds of residents and visitors alike with attendance being from hundreds of regular attendees to multiple thousands for many of our bigger Sunset Jazz events. 


Cruise Ship Days


Maintaining a Partnership with the USVI Department of Tourism provides FEDA the opportunity to enhance cruise ship visits and visitor enjoyment of our town

Legislative Lobbying


Creating a FEDA Legislative Advisory Committee affords FEDA and the town of Frederiksted a voice in the decisions and governmental efforts for the enhancement of infrastructure & programs unique to the town's needs and forward focus.

July 4th Celebration & Fireworks


FEDA has produced the annual July 4th Emancipation Celebration & Fireworks Festival from 2004 through 2015.  In 2015, now FEDA Board Member Emilly Weston undertook the great task of ensuring fireworks remained a constant for Frederiksted's annual celebration.

Blue Bay Jazz Fest


 Thirteen years after Hurricane Marilyn blew away St. Croix's Jazz and Caribbean Music and Arts Festival, jazz fest came back to the big island in a big way with the new Blue Bay Jazz Fest  Produced by FEDA in 2007 & 2008. Blue Bay Jazz Fest welcomed world-renowned jazz performers for the annual festival. The event featured four days of performances by global music icons,  as well as performances by accomplished Virgin Islands jazz musicians. 

Mario de Chabert Music Appreciation Awards


 The Mario de Chabert Music Appreciation Award began as an annual event in 2004. De Chabert, an accomplished jazz musician who died in 2001, was a co-founder of the two major jazz festival events held on St. Croix in the 1990s (St. Croix Jazz and Caribbean Music and Arts Festival.)  Mario De Chabert believed strongly in St. Croix’s economic potential and worked tirelessly to build financial opportunities designed to improve the quality of the lives of all Virgin Islanders. FEDA has continued the annual award ceremony honoring DeChabert, each year on Feb. 28, de Chabert's birthday. 

Culture - History - Tradition


 Frederiksted has a rich and valuable history in the Virgin Islands, and is often referred to as "Freedom City" by locals. This nickname has to do with the fact that the town was the site of the emancipation of enslaved in the then Danish West Indies. On July 3, 1848, freed enslaved and skilled craftsman Moses Gottlieb, who also was known as "General Buddhoe," led the uprising, organized slaves on St. Croix's West End plantations, and marched on the town of Frederiksted. The emancipation of of the enslaved was proclaimed on July 3, 1848, at Fort Frederik on the waterfront at the northern edge of Frederiksted by Governor-General Peter Von Schoulten.  The rich, multi-faceted Crucian Culture & Traditions are supported and protected by FEDA.